Street Fashion: Old Town Pasadena

As an accessories designer, my eye is always attracted to the way people accessorize themselves. I love looking at how people put themselves together. This weekend I visited a friend of mine in Pasadena. We had lunch in Old town and did a little people watching and shopping. I couldn’t help but notice the 4 people below while we were out and about. What initially drew me to each of them was their personal style and how they accessorized their looks, but what I loved most about our encounters was the energy they exuded!!! Confidence in just being yourself goes a long way in how others see you. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great frock and a fabulous bag, but as cliché as it may sound, confidence truly is the best accessory!

“Fashion expresses how I feel everyday.” -Joanna

Name: Joanna

Occupation: Retail store manager; Artist

What is your definition of personal style? “For me it’s different every day. It is what expresses how I feel every day.”

How would you define fashion? “Fashion is fun. It should be a joy! ”


“Fashion is whatever makes you feel great.” -Danielle

Name: Danielle

Occupation: Fashion Design student, PCC

What is your definition of personal style? “Funky. My motto is, if no one is giving me weird looks, then I’m probably doing something wrong!”

How would you define fashion? “Whatever makes you feel great.”


“My definition of personal style is: Comfort, Contemporary, Casual.” -Armando

Name: Armando & Noe

Occupation: Educator & son

What is your definition of personal style? “Comfort. Contemporary. Casual.”

How would you define fashion? “Current.”

So, tell me, what is your definition of personal style?

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