Last Nine 3/9/19-3/20/19

Welcome to Spring! Can you believe it’s March already? It’s been a minute since I popped in. Things have been  busy as usual, but going well.  I’ve been slowly adjusting to working from home. All I can say is that God is working on strengthening my patience. I set up a tiny desk right next to the kids desks (pray for me!).

Last 9 from left to right::

  • met up with a like minded creative i’ve been following on IG for the last 3 or 4 years. So fun finding out you have so much in common with others! We met for a bite to eat in Venice @ Great White. Lovely decor + vibe.
  • Large Bali Tassel in Orchid. Not available on website. Email for purchase. Limited quantities.
  • Saturday Zip Pouch in Oyster with new short Cheetah Solana Strap
  • I love this quote about growth from Jay Shetty, he’s always droppin’ gems.
  • started journaling again. I decided not to put pressure on myself. Some days it’s only one word, some days its a phrase, and some days its a paragraph. Learning to let it go + let it flow ;)
  • The Bali Tassel + Mini Bali keychain in black pebble shiny. The mini in black pebble shiny sold out the day after I posted it!
  • The Prosperer Duffle is going live on the site next week for those of you who’ve been asking!
  • Mini Bali Keychains in orchid, black + white snake and gunmetal. Limited quantity available.
  • Sitting in traffic @ rush hour; I love the architecture and character of the old brick buildings in DTLA. At least there’s always something interesting to look at… (the upside of street traffic?)

Hope you are all adjusting to the time change!


ALC x EMBODE Holiday Pop Up!

Hey guys, I hope life is treating you well!  I’m popping into your in boxes to invite you to a holiday pop up I’m doing with one of my nearest and dearest friends from college. Khrys and I will be at the W HOTEL, Saturday, Dec 15th and Sunday December 16th. Khrys is bringing her beautifully handcrafted jewelry collection all the way from Washington, DC to share with you at our two day Pop-Up event. I’ll have limited edition styles from my Holiday Collection, and there will be light bites and sips for all! You can check out more of Khrys’ work on IG and online @ . Come out to shop with us! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces and give you all hugs!!!


Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes . . .

Hey guys! Its been a long time. I’ve wanted to post more regularly, but life has gotten kinda hectic between homeschooling and growing the business. Things are even more hectic since I moved out of the studio. I definitely need a larger space, and I am eager to move my office back out of my home, but in the meantime I have been blessed to find a really cool co-working space that I love. Earlier this week I did a quick photo shoot there for the recent production we received. I still have to get more product and lifestyle shots, but it felt good to get the interim shoot done. I’m gearing up for a holiday pop-up next month so the schedule wont slow down until after the holidays, and that’s fine, I’m enjoying the process. I’ll pop back in with more deets soon. For now you can peep some #bts (behind the scenes) imagery from the shoot below! xo

New Dallengere Tassels + Dally Mini Keychains

I really need to work on my core muscles . . .

Some of the new colors + prints . . .

Paying attention to details . . .

A pull back shot of the shoot . . .

One of the final images . . .



Floor Boarding . . . A Quick Inspiration Grab

working with muted pastels, rich amber tones + icy blues . . .

A few things inspiring me right now:: 

  • amber
  • earthy, muted pastels
  • icy blues
  • soft gold
  • signatures in blotchy ink
  • classic patterns with a nod to nature; like tortoise shell
  • the beauty of dark skin

What’s inspiring you?

Happy Thursday peops!


Boss Sisters Who Brunch | A Day of Sharing + Connecting

A wonderful day of inspirational stories, sharing + connecting . . .

I shared my story to a packed house!

I was blessed to share the stage with these beautifully inspiring women . . .

So thankful for the friends who came out to support . . .

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 2nd Annual Boss Sister’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Brunch held in Long Beach CA, at The Grand. I can’t tell you how much this event blessed me, and from what I hear, it blessed all the women in attendance that day. I was able to share the stage with some amazing women. I was encouraged, and inspired and left the event with a full spirit. It was truly a day of female empowerment. I wanted to quickly share with you how this came about, as many of you know I am not a public speaker although I am quite an excellent public listener.  ;)

At the beginning of 2018 I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the new year. I decided to choose one word for the new year, that would help me to remain focused and keep my tasks and projects in alignment with my word. Well, during quiet time one morning God gave me the word to focus on. He said He wanted me to be more visible.

Visibility. Ugh.

This word was definitely from God, because visibility is not a word I like to use in relation to myself, however, I am smart enough to know that one can only remain invisible for so long.  I also know that to do the things He has called me to do, I must be visible in some way. So, I chose the word VISIBILITY for 2018.

Fast forward to this past April . . . Deanna Lewis, co-creator of Boss Sisters Who Brunch, reached out to me to ask me to be a speaker at the event. She said The Lord had put it on her heart to ask me to participate early one morning while she was still in bed. Isn’t it amazing how God works? I automatically accepted, knowing that I could not possibly say no, even though I was semi-cringing inside. I asked her what she wanted me to speak about and her words were very simple: “Just share your story. ” Well that’s what I did, in a nutshell.  Click the video below to peep if you like, and be on the lookout, I hear Deanna is planning on hosting another event in the Fall. :)


Boss Sister’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Brunch :: I’m a Speaker Yall!

Hey guys! I’m honored to have been asked to share my story at the 2nd Annual Boss Sister’s Entrepreneur + Empowerment Brunch! I’ll be sharing the stage with 5 other amazing women on Saturday, June 2nd at The Grand in Long Beach. Click here or on the link below to secure tickets for yourself and a friend! www.brownpapertickets/bosssisterswhobrunch

(p.s. pray for me yall!!! this is a definite step out of my comfort zone! ;)


Styling Project :: Desert Shoot

I was recently asked to style a shoot for my friend, Kristen, whose modeling career is taking off. I’m always honored to be asked to lend my vision to creative projects that fall in line with what I’m doing. It was a fun collaboration, plus we had a really great team, which makes working on projects like this A LOT of fun.

Model:: Kristen Drayton @kris_modelchic
Photographer:: Will Utley @wutlife
Videographer:: Nichelle Holliday @soulinkproductions

Scroll down for a few behind the scenes shots I captured from the shoot.

BTW, it was about 53 degrees and SUPER WINDY . . . can you tell?

You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

I loved the cracked dry riverbed, it was a perfect contrast against the bold colors we used.

location #2 was an abandoned house in the desert . . .

I love capturing behind the scenes shots. Kris + Will work great together.

I love this shirt dress Kristen wore, the glam contrast with the abandoned house was perfect.

The sun was beginning to set as we headed to our 3rd + final location . . .

We used this amazing rock formation as our backdrop for the last session . . .

I think golden hour photos are my favorite. The light at this time of day is fantastic . . .

Working on projects like this with like minds give me life! It was really cold and windy, but Kristen, in true model form, was a trooper. I cant wait to work with these guys again!


Mood Board Monday 4.2.18

This week my husband + kiddos are off for Spring Break. Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting allergies for the last 2 weeks and they have deceptively gotten worse just when I thought I was getting better. Nevertheless, the show must go on. It’s been really busy around here lately. My son will be a teenager in a matter of days, and I’m excited to have a quick family get away on the books. The weather is changing, the days are getting longer, and my mind is full of new designs to be executed. I’m thankful for the future at hand. Some of this lighter mood is probably reflected in this week’s Mood Board, a nod to the first glimpses of summer.

Cheers to a fantastic week ahead for all of us!


Solana Cheetah Straps have Shipped!

Thank you to all who Pre-Ordered the Solana Cheetah Strap! They are packaged and on their way to everyone who ordered, and are now available in the the shop to order as well. I love the new life they add to my existing bags, and I think you will too. I whipped up a few extras to have on hand in the studio for immediate delivery. Click here to grab one for yourself!