New Music :: Children by LISTENBEE ft. Cosmos + Creature

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Hey guys, I’m excited to share the new single LISTENBEE just dropped called Children, featuring Cosmos + Creature.   I love the youthful nostalgic vibe and the mellow tone, it’s perfect for a breezy summer drive.  Check it out for yourselves, and like on Soundcloud, Spotify and Hype Machine! Definitely one to add to your playlists! Click here to listen.


Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen . . .

Beauty in the everyday . . .

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I love this wonderful description of beautiful people. It is a written testament to my personal philosophy. I’ve always felt that true beauty comes from experiences, imperfect actions, trying, failing and trying again, humility, pain + happiness, growth and loss . . . in other words true beauty surfaces when life is lived. I think in this world of social media we have a tendency to focus on beauty in an unhealthy way. Surface beauty, made up beauty, photoshopped beauty and perfected beauty. I yearn for the day that our society appreciates + recognizes beauty in the imperfect as a whole, but until the world catches up, that’s where I will continue to reside. It’s much more interesting there.




The Stuff Dreams are Made of . . .

ALC Design Studios 380 S. Lake Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101

Are you guys ready for summer? This is the last week of school for my kiddies. I’ve been lying low, dealing with some health issues, + taking a break from social media among other things.  I haven’t been able to get to the studio regularly so I’ve been working from home a lot. I posted the picture above to remind myself that dreams really do come true. For years I dreamt of having my own space to work from and I just realized that in a few short months I will have been at the studio for a year! It sounds crazy,  I swear this has been the fastest year of my life!  God is so good. I just have to give thanks.!!! Anyway, I’m excited about summer’s swift approach. I’m looking forward to our schedules relaxing a little as far as drop offs + pick ups go, and I’m excited about lazy summer evenings and beach sunsets. How about you? Do you have any trips planned? What are you looking forward to this summer?


Move Something . . .

Bringing sexy back . . .

Bringing sexy back . . .

Been working on new colors for the Bee Keyper fringe tassels/keychains. I love the movement + interest they create when used as handbag tassels. These tassels are a great way to add a dramatic edge to bags, especially when you choose a contrasting colored tassel or one with a metallic finished leather, like the Liquid Gold color above. What are some colors you would like to see the Bee Keyper available in for summer?

Do tell . . . !

Day Date Pre-Orders Have Shipped! It’s Not too Late to Grab One For Yourself!

All Pre-Ordered Cheetah Day Date Zip Pouches have shipped, but it’s not too late to grab one for yourself or a friend. Click here to order for immediate delivery, or visit for more handcrafted luxury!



Available for PreOrder :: Cheetah Day Date Zip Pouch

Hey guys, wanted to let you know that this little beauty is available for pre-order. The first shipment will be shipping out to this Tuesday. Visit to purchase or email me @ [email protected] and I will send you a Paypal invoice to secure your pouch in this first shipment! ayanna_listenbee_logo

Workplace Wednesday:: Working Through it . . .

Behind the scenes work for a private client . . .

Behind the scenes work for a private client . . .

Feeling like I might be ready for Spring . . .

Feeling like I might be ready for Spring . . .

Happy Hump Day! How is this Wednesday treating you? I’ve definitely got enough work to keep me busy, but I realize that even with keeping myself busy, my heart is just hurting. I know that death is something that takes time to get over, but sometimes I just wish I could turn my off my brain + emotions and be a robot, LOL. I realize it could be so much worse, but nevertheless, I am in it and I know I just have to go through it. I’m super thankful for work and the new projects I am working on though! GATHER South is swiftly approaching and the RSVP’s are flowing in. I’m excited to come together with other entrepreneurs in support of each other and our businesses!



Let’s Celebrate Love Every Day! ♡

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I’m from the camp that love should be celebrated everyday, so holidays like Valentine’s Day don’t mean much to me. I think it’s so important to celebrate love in the smallest things. Bouquet’s of flowers are great, candy is nice, but the words that actually let people know you love and care about them are the most important thing. This past week I lost two people who meant a lot to me. Grieving is a funny thing, you never know exactly how you will be effected by losing a loved one. Unfortunately, losing someone close to you highlights the fact that it’s important to celebrate life + the love you have for each other when and wherever possible. Last week I decorated the studio windows with a subtle tribute to the spirit of love, which you can never have enough of . . . unless it’s a crazy, obsessed, overbearing kind of love . .  but I think that is a subject for a different blog post. 😳  Carry on! ;)

Happy Love Day!

City Flair Fur Keychains: New Colors in Stock!

New City Flair Fur Keychain/bag charms just in!

New City Flair Fur Keychain/bag charms just in! copy

New limited edition colors of the City Flair Fur Keychain have just been added to the online shop today! Click here to grab one of your very own! Next week I’ll be sharing how great these soft beauties are for adding a pop of color or texture to an existing outfit. In the meantime, Have a fabulous week!



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