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The Holiday Pre-Order Discount is Happening Now!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In honor of Black Friday and the official launch of our Holiday Collection, we are offering free shipping through December 15th when you use the code CHEER @ checkout. Pre-Order your limited edition handbag now through December 7th. All orders will ship 2 weeks after date of purchase. Happy Shopping!!!



Werkspace Wednesday | New Samples in!!!

Presidio fringe tote . . .

Renaissance cross body clutch . . .

Haight fringe cross body . . .

Shooter tote . . .

St. Francis clutch . . .

Happy Wednesday guys! Lots going on around the werkspace these days. Since I last posted, I’ve turned 43, (yay me!) spent 4 fabulous days in one of my fav cities and wait for it . . .  I got the new samples in for my holiday line!!!! They will be available in the shop for pre-order shortly. I am so excited to finally have them here in the studio. The babies have finally been birthed, and mama is excited and happy! There’s so much to be thankful for!!

Things have been sooooo busy lately, I have barely had time to blog. I know that is not something a good blogger should admit to, but it’s the truth! And to top it all off, I still can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! Do you guys have plans for Thanksgiving? I’ve been consuming more gluten than a bread factory lately, and it’s definitely not a track I want to stay on, so I’m working on reeling it in . . . And what better day to start back than Thanksgiving right? Lol. I know I’m not making it easy on myself, but, such is life. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I want to wish you all a happy + safe Thanksgiving. I pray you are blessed to be surrounded with loved ones and good food. Check back on Friday for the launch of the new holiday line in the boutique! We’ll be offering Free Shipping on all domestic orders!

Blessings + hugs!

It’s National Handbag Day! In honor of such a sacred holiday, I am sharing my favorite handbag. It is hard to pick just one, because I have different uses for different bags, but today I will share Allegra. I love her because she is buttery soft and holds pretty much anything and everything. She’s got a hard edge and a soft touch. I love her studded handle and fringed zipper pulls which give her movement. I also have her in chocolate suede with gold hardware. She’s yummy. I’m thinking about reintroducing her for fall in the shop . . .

What is your favorite handbag, and why is it your favorite? Is it the color? Shape? Hand? Do share in the comments below!



Hi guys!!! I want to welcome you to check out my new shop, THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY BOUTIQUE. You may have noticed the coming soon photo in the sidebar. Well it’s finally here! I have been working hard to get the shop up and running. So with this initial foray into the vast array of internet retail shops, I am bringing you my first sample sale! These are all limited edition handbag samples from my line and they have been reduced in price in celebration of our grand opening! I want to personally thank you guys for coming along on this ride with me. Stick around because I will be introducing more fun things to the shop, all designed by yours truly!!!


Click the button in the sidebar ☛ or the Shop link in the menu bar to take advantage of our super sale prices + free shipping! Quantities are limited so peruse at your own risk. :)



LA Fashion Market Finds | Day 1:: Shibori-Ya Kahei This week I was invited back to cover the LA Fashion Market shows at the CMC again. One of my favorite discoveries at the Select Trade Show was Shibori-Ya Kahei. I am so excited about this line! Shibori-Ya Kahei is a Japanese company that was primarily known for making traditional kimonos. Shibori is Japanese for “tye-dye”. Originally established as a textile brand, they have collaborated with many well known brands and created textiles for the likes of Issey Miyake and others. Over the years they have perfected a technique known as “Arashi” which is a Japanese word for “tornado”. They have taken the same arashi technique that was previously used for kimonos and applied it to denim, scarves and leather handbags. Although they still make kimonos, the application of the arashi technique to denim, handbags and scarves has created a renewed interest for the younger generation, and is helping to carry that traditional print into the future.

Shibori-Ya Kahei is newly debuting in the US and Japan and at this time is only available in Japan, but will soon be available in the US. (I’ll keep you posted! ☺)

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NYFW: Coach Fall ’14 Ready to Wear Collection

Coach Fall '14 Coach RTW Fall ' I was really curious to see what Coach would offer up for their Fall ’14 collection. I am a huge fan of previous designer, Reed Krakoff, who was replaced by British designer Stuart Vevers last year. Thankfully Krakoff has his own eponymous line, so we can still expect to see beautiful offerings from him in the future. Vevers presented a fashionably modern take on classics for the new Coach clothing line. The coats and jackets were standouts to me, especially the red and black oversized houndstooth print, and of course, I loved the bags. (The large, fringed black cross body and tri-color satchel being amongst my favorites). Even the shearling lined wedge boots were beckoning! The collection was solid and had good movement and use of color. I am looking forward to seeing what Stuart Vevers has in store for the Coach line in the future.

What do you think? Do any of these pieces strike your fancy?

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The Beauty of Hand Crafting . . .

I stumbled upon this beautifully shot video, by Leather One of One Workshop, showing how a leather bag is made, and thought I would share it with you. The time and attention paid to detail and perfection is what adds to the cost of high quality leather goods. When we purchase quality items made here in America it only helps to boost our economy and help our own skilled craftsmen retain their jobs. Just something to think about on this beautiful Friday afternoon!


Enjoy your weekend! xx

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‘Tis The Season! Gettin’ My Tree On . . .



Wearing: Bajee Collection sweater | Wool patterned scarf TjMaxx #fabfound | Distressed denim by Just USA | Multi-zip booties by Naughty Monkey | Allegra Handbag by Ayanna Listenbee | all images by Philicia Scott

The winter season is in full swing here in Cali. I have been loving the chill in the air and that underlying sense of excitement and expectancy that I always feel in December! The holiday’s are rapidly approaching. I had an amazing birthday week and a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family and now we are looking ahead to Christmas. This week we are traveling to Austin Texas for my niece’s college graduation. I’m so excited to A. take a road trip and B. spend time with my family.

Yesterday we finally got our Christmas tree. I had been debating whether or not to get an artificial tree, since we were going to be traveling for a week, but I can not imagine the house not having that evergreen smell @ Christmastime!!! For me, artificial = convenience, (and I’m all about convenience) but I feel like I would be jipping my kids! Growing up, part of the Christmas excitement & tradition was going out and selecting the tree. So, we are keepin’ it real for now! Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I thought the tree lot would be a great place to snap a few outfit shots!! Don’t you just love when the weather allows us to change gears and pull out all things cozy!

Have you gotten your tree yet? ☺

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Note to Self . . . Baby Steps

TLBP-Do What You Can_wtr

This week has been really interesting, for lack of a better word.  I’m starting over from scratch researching new manufacturers for my handbag line. Honestly, the whole idea of beginning the process of negotiation and research feels overwhelming. Finding and vetting a manufacturer is really important, for obvious reasons. If you know my story, you know that even vetted manufacturers can prove to be unreliable. This week I started reaching out to domestic manufacturers and I actually saw myself getting in my own way! I recognized that I’ve been very sluggish to respond, I’ve not made calls that I should have, I found all kinds of reasons to do something other than the next task on my to-do list, and I even began questioning and re-questioning previous decisions I’d made regarding the direction of the line. All in all, I am tiring myself out mentally. A true case of self sabotage. I know that this is totally ridiculous, yet still I persist in my non-persistence! The crazy thing is that I recognize it, and am sitting front row center with the bag of proverbial popcorn watching the show. So, I decided to make a note to self of the wise words you see above. This is something my Dad has often told me. Instead of trying to figure everything out at once, detailing out the bigger picture before taking a step (yes, that is a specialty of mine), do what you can. Take baby steps where you are. With what you have. (Thank God there’s no limit on starting over! ☺)

Have you ever suffered from a case of self-sabotage? How did you get through it?

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➌ KEY PIECES | How to Choose a Great Tote . . .

Perfect Tote Reed Krakoff Track Tote $1,390 available here.

Tomorrow I will share part II of  How to Choose a Great Tote. (What to look for when choosing a tote for fun!)

Enjoy your Tuesday!!


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