FIELD TRIP:: LA Textile Show + 5 Quick Tips

The Los Angeles Textile Show starts September 26th and runs through Wednesday, September 29th at the California Market Center in Downtown LA.

Fabricated feels in the CMC lobby before entering the show . . .

Fabricated feels in the CMC lobby before entering the show . . .

1.Start the show by checking out the fabric displays in the lobby. It’s almost like being a kid in a candy store. But more importantly it allows you to take note of vendors you may want to visit inside the show which helps to make you more efficient if you don’t have all day to spend at the show.

I haven't attended the show the last 2 years; it felt good to be back . . .

LA Textile Show Day 1 . . .

2. Plan to attend the show on the first day. The vendors are eager to make contact and the aisles aren’t as crowded. It’s been 2 years since I last attended this show and I found quite a few new vendors that made for some contacts this time around. The show felt fresh, and I’m excited to reconnect with some of the new vendors I met next week.

Loving up leathers in the European Textiles section . . .

Loving up leathers in the European Textile section . . .

3. This one seems obvious but, be sure to bring enough business cards. Regardless of how many I bring, I always seem to run out of cards. My advice to you is: Bring more cards than you think you will need. They don’t take up much space in your bag and vendors like to be able to follow up with you after the show. This time I did okay. I had exactly enough cards to hand out to necessary contacts.

Allow yourself time to recharge . . .

Allow yourself time to recharge . . .

4. Allow yourself time to recharge + stay organized. To be efficient, I like to take a break (often during lunch or in between vendor appts.) and organize my orders and contacts I’ve visited thus far. I make notes of pertinent info on the backs of the business cards I receive, and try to keep them all together. In the past I have brought a mini stapler and stapled the cards into a notebook while making notes on the same page. If you are writing orders at the show, vendors usually attach their cards to the order form.

 5. Follow up the week after the show. Whether you are purchasing or just visually sourcing, be sure to follow up with vendors the week after you attend. Vendors meet thousands of people during the shows and they want your business, so be proactive and follow up. I like to let the week finish out and reach out the week after. Many vendors have traveled to the shows and this allows them to travel back to their home state and get settled. It also allows them time to get any outstanding information for you that you may have asked for during the show.

Will you be attending any of the shows this season?

Click here for more information on the LA Textile Show

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