Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh . . .


Boston ‘Mini’ Envelope clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection Preview

So, the past few weeks I’ve been working on revamping the blog and website. In the coming months you will begin to notice a few changes to the website. The shop is now under it’s new name AYANNA LISTENBEE COLLECTION, which you can access by clicking the ‘SHOP’ button above (you can also type into your browser and reach the shop as well). You SHOULD also be able to access the site by typing in . . . or at least that was the plan . . .
I’ve owned for years now. I even had a website set up at that address that sat empty for years while I focused on my blog and produced short runs of bags + accessories. But I realized it was time to “move back home” and put the shop under it’s rightful name. Sounds simple right? Well, when I started working with my web developer to get the site’s name changed over, we discovered that the company hosting the domain has no telephone number and no real customer service, except for an email address (which they apparently do not deem important enough to check or respond to). Needless to say, this process is taking a helluva lot longer than it should, and this isn’t even the big stuff. This is just pointing the site to a different domain name! I guess I should look at this as a mere test of my patience, but it’s frustrating when the simplest things turn into long, drawn out projects. Especially since I recently attended an industry event with a stack of unusable business cards because all the info on them directs people to a site that is in internet purgatory. What do you do when you have a stack of business cards with the wrong info on them and you simultaneously harbor a deep-rooted pet peeve of handing out business cards with information scratched out and handwritten in? . . . ugh . . .

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


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