Instantaneous Obsession: YSL Leather & Stingray Sandals . . . OMG!!!

Okay, so I realize that my “Instantaneous Obsession” posts on shoes, as of late, have ALL been platform heels. I do have a strange obsession for platform heels, although I personally own very few pair. (I battle with the idea of appearing gargantuan to the rest of the world by adding 5″ of shoe to my existing height of 5′ 11″). I LOVE wearing heels, but it seems that lately, many designers are falsely taken with the idea of “the higher, the better.” I agree, higher heels may look sexier on some styles, but at this stage in my life, practicality tends to win out over the appeal of aching arches and sore feet. I refuse to let go of my heels, and the way they make me feel, but I just wish designers would consider making the same fab shoes with about 2″ less heel. Nevertheless, these stingray and leather sandals from Yves Saint Laurent are a platform-lovin’-girl’s-dream-come-true! I think this shoe is a well executed, elegant combination of textures and spot-on classic color. This is a shoe I would endure the pain for.

You can purchase these babies here.

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    4 thoughts on “Instantaneous Obsession: YSL Leather & Stingray Sandals . . . OMG!!!

      1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

        Thank you Donna! I wonder about the appeal of a lower heel as well, but I hate the fact that when I search for shoes these days they all seem to be super high! I wouldn’t mind being somewhere in the middle though. Just somewhere under 5!” . . . well, actually, under 4″!! :)

    1. Maylana

      Now here is a pair of shoes! I love love high heels and actually live in them every day. 4″ for day, 5+ for evening. I’ve been wearing high heels for the last 20+ years and feel naked without them. I am one of the lucky few who still has “nice feet” even after wearing heels for so long. The trick is to buy them a half size bigger, I do not believe in breaking in shoes. These are simply gorgeous and the colour means you can wear them with everything.
      Pierotucci makes a good point, would these have the same effect 2″ shorter? I’m not sure, but I do agree with you not everyone wants to wear 4-5″ on a regular basis. Love Them!!!


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